6-Week Adult Spanish Course

I would like to get your feedback on this:

A local arts council has asked me to teach a 6-week Spanish course for working adults who most likely know little to no Spanish. They haven’t yet gotten back to me on the size of the class, but it would basically be one 2 1/2-hour long class per week for 6 weeks.

My questions for you:

-What would YOU want to learn if you were in that class?

-What would be a reasonable general syllabus for a course of this type?

Thanks for your help!


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bueno, aunque parece ser que esto esta un poco muerto, tengo una pregunta:
soy espanola viviendo en los estados unidos. siempre voy por ahi durante el verano a visitar mi familia, pero solo veraneando.
este verano quiero probar algo diferente: ver las partes turisticas que hay. siempre voy al sur a la playa, pero eso es solo de veraneo.
me he dado cuenta que casi conozco la ciudad en donde naci; madrid.
ha alguien le a pasado lo mismo? cual seria lo mejor que ver?
tambien estoy considerando ir en ave a otras ciudades en donde tengo familia (bilbao, barcelona, valencia) y ver lo turistico de esas partes.
algunas recomendaciones de punto de vista espanol? o cualquier otras sugerencias?
gracias por todo!

although this looks to be a little dead, i have a question:
im a spaniard living in the united states. i always visit spain during the summer to visit my family, but only vacationing.
this summer i want to try something different: seeing the touristic parts of spain. i always go to the south to the beach,
but i have come to realize that i barely have seen/know the city i was born in: madrid.
has anyone gone through this? what would be the best to see?
im also considering taking the train to other cities where i have family in (bilbao, barcelona, valencia) and seeing the touristic parts of those areas.
any recomendations from a spanish point of view? or any suggestions at all?
thanks for everything!




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Interesados postear.



Hola a todos,
he creado un journal dedicado a la vida espa



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