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Zapatero meets with the country’s top 41 businessmen

The meeting was held on Saturday in the Moncloa Palace in Madrid More: continued here

Workers vote to call off planned strike action in Spanish airports

The strike call will be officially cancelled later today More: continued here

Spanish property market expands 17pc in January

Most of the rise is probably due to the elimination of mortgage tax relief bringing forward sales. Excluding social housing, there were 39,788 residential property transactions registered in January, up 17pc on 12 months before, and a heft 46pc on December, according to the latest figures from the Government (INE). Spain in desperate need of […]

Land market in deep trouble

Land doesn’t get as much attention as housing, but it’s problems are just as serious. Building land sales hit a record low of 3.9 billion Euros in 2010, down from 23 billion Euros in the peak of 2004, according to figures from the Government (Fomento). That’s a decline of 83pc, almost as bad as the […]

Definite signs of improvement

I am doing in-depth research into the Spanish holiday-home market the likes of which does not exist today in Spain. Thanks to the work-load of said research I’m too busy to go into it in depth right now, but I can tell you that I am seeing real signs of improvement. The market is still […]

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