Islas Baleares


Islas Baleares

Islas Baleares

Las Islas Baleares o Baleares (en catalan, Illes Balears o Balears) son una comunidad autonoma espanola compuesta por las islas del archipielago balear, situado en el Mar Mediterraneo junto a la costa oriental de la Peninsula Iberica.

El archipielago esta formado por dos grupos de islas:

Las Gimnesias: Menorca, Mallorca y Cabrera y algunos islotes cercanos (como Dragonera, Isla del Aire y otros).

Las Pitiusas: Ibiza y Formentera y los islotes que las rodean.

Canarias Baleares Costa Brava

In a privileged position on the northeastern coast of the Iberian peninsula and the shores of the Mediterranean, Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain in both size and population.

Barcelona Барселона

The capital of Spain, located in the heart of the peninsula and right in the center of the Castillian plain 646 meters above sea level, has a population of over five million.

Madrid Мадрид

According to legend, Sevilla was founded by Hercules and its origins are linked with the Tartessian civilisation. It was called Hispalis under the Romans and Isbiliya with the Moors. the highest point in its history was followed the discovery of America.

Sevilla Севилья

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